Window dressing and visual merchandising

By means of the Vitrinismo an effective communication is achieved in the commercial showcases, this method of exhibition seeks to show with three-dimensional or two-dimensional forms a season, event of the brand or launching of new products. The buyer can see the product displayed in the commercial showcase in a different way than what is shown in the points of sale, this element makes the buyer enter the establishment attracted by what he observed.

Printing and manufacturing of commercial display cases

Commercial showcases can be made in 2D, using vinyls on the glass; or 3D using various design plans depending on the type of showcase. Usually vinyls, backings, dummies or furniture are used inside it. There may be objects on the floor or hanging from the ceiling and walls. Commercial display techniques such as special lighting are also applied. Each showcase design project is a fully customized process for each product, brand or season; where through various design disciplines, these spaces are transformed to make customers fall in love with them.

Finally, remember that to produce them you only have to request a quote on our website. First, complete the form and then attach the characteristics of the product to be exhibited. We will contact you shortly to submit a proposal.

Quote for window dressing or visual merchandising project

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