Creation of creative advertising campaigns

Why is it so important to develop creative advertising campaigns today? All day long we receive advertising messages and we get used to see them, so much so that they do not even call our attention and we overlook them, if we compare it to a virus, it is as if we had generated antibodies that do not let these messages reach our mind through advertising campaigns, but like viruses, advertising must be aggressive, with striking messages and striking images that generate recall to reach the audience in a forceful way and meet your goal.

How to make a creative advertising campaign?

At Creative Group, we come up with creative advertising campaigns. with innovative messages, accompanied by visual and audiovisual content out of the ordinary to steal the attention of our target audience, out of the ordinary or delve deeper into it in order to be different, for this we investigate our target, create a “big idea” generate content and launch the campaign which can be 360.



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