Press kit design and production

The press kit is a launching piece generally developed as a packaging. This element is produced especially for a specific product based on special requirements that enhance the characteristics of the product to be promoted, they are ideal to activate a product launch or positioning of the same being used as a press kit or promoted as gifts for influencers who in turn will publish it on their social networks, giving it greater visibility and a great impact, for this reason it is quite useful in the various promotional activities or exposure of a particular product.


Custom press kit designs

Normally a press kit is a package made of flexible or rigid materials. We use high quality and economical materials such as: cardboard, cardboard, wood or plastics; or combinations of these to create a greater impact than conventional packaging and give a more innovative or exclusive appearance.

Unconventional materials are also used according to the characteristics of the product to be promoted in order to create different sensations in the customer when he/she comes into contact with it.

Each press kit design is custom developed for each of our clients. For this we make use of the best multidisciplinary design team, made up of: graphic designers, illustrators, industrial designers and advertisers.

Finally, remember that to produce them you only have to request a quote on our website. First, complete the form and then attach the characteristics of the product to be exhibited. We will contact you shortly to submit a proposal.


Request a quote for designing and producing your press kit

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