Production and design of advertising glorifiers

The purpose of advertising glorifiers is to highlight some benefit of the product being displayed. It is a very exclusive advertising piece with an option of direct contact of the product without the need to make the purchase since it can have a tester or simply highlight the product on the shelf or display case.

Printing and manufacturing of POP glorigicators

The glorifiers or advertising displays are applied in the world of point-of-sale advertising as elements that make the product stand out, showing it in a direct way to the Shopper.

It has the advantage of being specially designed to be placed in a privileged area at the point of sale (POS). may generally be accompanied by gondola tips and traffic breakers They are made of plastic, preferably, because they have more durability due to the contact with the consumer, the measures are variable according to the size of the product, they are easy to install and transport because they are not large in size.

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