Production of advertising stumbles

Advertising stumbles are an innovative, effective and eye-catching way to amaze people on the way to clearly and creatively communicate your brand. Use them at points of sale, for restaurant menus, catering businesses, even for parties and events.

Printing and manufacturing of POP stumbles

Pop advertising stumbles are elements created to attract attention with unique and impactful shapes full of color. These are pieces of POP material that are located in entrances, aisles and strategic places in the points of sale.

They can be easily located where a potential buyer passes by. They are used to promote, advertise and inform about a product or service. They are developed and printed on a variety of materials but one of the most effective, short-lived and cost-effective for launches are cardboard stubs. They can also be manufactured in other materials such as metal plast and mdf that allow a longer life time by allowing changing their graphic parts to update the content.

Quote advertising stumbles

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