Printing of advertising banners and banners

The printing of advertising banners is very effective to visually communicate the needs in a strategic point, such as windows, hallways, entrances, or for use in events and fairs. Because they are easy to transport, quick to print and easy to install, they are a favorite for events, such as parties or meetings. We generally use printed banners with some kind of structure or banner holder, such as the roll up banner that allows the client to store a retractable banner in a 15 x 15 x 105 cm case that weighs approximately 2 Kg, which allows it to be easily transported and reused.



How to print advertising banners in digital printing?

Advertising banners are usually made with large format digital printing processes on banner or fabric. They are finished with some type of supporting structure, such as aluminum structures, upper and lower support tubes or spider-like supports. Measurements can be variable according to need. Printed banners or banners are widely used because they have a great visibility to communicate, besides they have the advantage of easy installation, assembly and transportation.

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