Advertising backing for events

The advertising backing is a large format element of great impact, ideal for events, launches, photo shoots and brand activations.

This large format printing solution is very useful for the exhibition of specific elements in different events, optimizing space but with high visibility. It is often highly appreciated, as it allows the use of various large elements which usually contain elements that are highlighted with our high quality large format printing.

Print advertising backing for events

An advertising backing is generally made of metal or wood structures. These structures can be of large size and with banner printing that can be fixed or removable.

Carrying case options are available. In some presentations their structures can be assembled by the customer and easily transported. Other types of backing can be made of cardboard or MDF depending on the requirement.

Finally, remember that to produce them you only have to request a quote on our website. First, complete the form and then attach the characteristics of the product to be exhibited. We will contact you shortly to submit a proposal.


Request a quote for advertising backing

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