Floor displays and furniture

Floor display units are product containers that have eye-catching shapes and are located outside the shelf, giving an added value to the brand at the point of sale, making them stand out visually. These display units or floor units are excellent for highlighting a launch or promoting a product for greater impact and better sales.

How to use floor display furniture in advertising?

Printed floor furniture or floor displays are generally used in aisles to stand out from other brands. This type of POP material is very effective when it comes to promoting a specific product, they should be placed in such a way that they are as visible as possible. They can be manufactured with the display on one, two or several sides, and can be made of different materials such as cardboard, metal, acrylic or polystyrene; each piece of furniture is different and custom-made, and all these variables are analyzed according to the client’s budget and the duration required for the display. At Creative Group we are constantly innovating so that each piece of display furniture is different, attracts attention and fulfills the objective of achieving greater sales. For the production process we use the best digital printing and cutting technologies to deliver a product with the best quality and speed.


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