Design and production of original advertising displays

Advertising Displays are medium sized pieces that are containers of the product to be exhibited. They can have different shapes since they must be adapted to the product. They are forceful and effective in showing what is being exhibited. Tabletop advertising displays are easy to assemble and transport. They are usually placed in showcases, shelves or cashiers. They are ideal not only for its function as a product display but also to organize commercial spaces.

Printing of advertising exhibitors and displays

These dual-purpose elements, advertising displays can be used to communicate and to exhibit.

They can usually be made of cardboard, cardboard, and plastics. They have a high transportation and logistics benefit, as they are usually strategically designed for this purpose. There is no need for installation since the same shopkeeper or store personnel can place it at its point of display. They can be manufactured in small quantities or en masse without affecting their quality. They are generally 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm in size and can clearly be made in other sizes according to the customer’s display needs.

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