Traffic Breaker Notices

The advertising breaker is a small or medium-sized advertising element, which is placed on the way out of the everyday of a shopping line in a department store, supermarket or store. Contribute to campaigns by publicizing charities, brand launches and other printed communication elements that we can solve quickly with our POP material design, production and printing services from Creative Group.

How to use advertising breakers effectively?

This advertising element can be manufactured with different materials, plastics, cardboard and others. Its main focus is to show the benefits of the brand by displaying them visually with a very effective communication on the shelf. It is possible to develop three-dimensional sign breakers using different processes such as thermoforming of plastic materials.

Advertising breakers are generally placed crosswise to the view in order to reach more potential buyers of the product, they are not large in size but contain the benefit of breaking up the view in a shopping aisle.

Quote ads and traffic breakers

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