Gondola tip design

Gondola tips (PDG) are elements that contain the products to be displayed but with visibilities that increase visual communication, with accessories such as headers, sides, fronts, borders and moving parts, its performance is to increase visibility and position the brand at the point of sale (POS), therefore they are quite useful and accurate to give a more personal and subtle touch to different types of displays with printed media designed especially for retail outlets, supermarkets and commercial contexts.

Gondola display points for point-of-sale product displays

This product is used for various types of advertising, mostly used in the aisles to stand out from other brands, the art that has this type of advertising material POP, are widely used and effective in promoting a specific product, be well placed and be able to be as visible as possible. The manufacture can be of one or two sides and can be of different materials, plastics, cardboard, metal of various sizes and many models or designs well placed to be as visible as possible.

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