Gondola end side racks and displays

Grids are additional displays used for single-sided traffic. These pieces are generally located at the end of the point-of-sale shelf, and may be on the side of the shelf-edge to form a noticeable extension that highlights the product displayed. In addition, this highly durable POP display solution allows the use of hooks or shelves to hang the product.

Point-of-sale product display racks

The display racks are generally made of a metal structure. They can also be manufactured in perforated panel for the installation of hooks or shelves, according to the requirements of the product.

The visuals are made of polystyrene and printed vinyl. They can be made in other materials such as corrugated cardboard with visual printed in high quality digital printing on laminated vinyl. Additionally, they can have expanded cardboard or polystyrene pieces, which help to reinforce the impact of the displayed product.

In conclusion, they are perfect for the display of products of all kinds and are a supremely structurally stable display solution.

Finally, remember that to produce them you only have to request a quote on our website. First, complete the form and then attach the characteristics of the product to be exhibited. We will contact you shortly to submit a proposal.

Request a quotation for display racks

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