Production and design of advertising dummies

The advertising dummies are pieces that have the shape of the product on a larger scale, this is to focus brand awareness, it is easy to assemble and install.

Printing and manufacturing of advertising dummies

Advertising dummies usually exceed 140 cm in height and are positioned on the floor or suspended from the ceiling. They can be at the entrances or in the aisles and therefore have good visual communication to the Shopper due to their large size and strategic location.

These large advertising pieces are made of different materials. Advertising dummies can be made of cardboard, metal with plastic for complex shapes, plastic only, wood, MDF. The production material can vary greatly according to the needs, therefore it will be proposed by our team of industrial designers who will make a proposal according to the requirements of finishes and durability. These elements have an additional advantage: despite their large size, they are strategically designed for ease of transport and packaging.

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