Product renderings and 3D modeling

Thanks to the product renderings and 3D modeling Nowadays the products we see are not photographs of the product, since they may have imperfections, for this reason what we see in campaigns and publications are product renders and 3D modeling or digital simulations of the product. This technique achieves a perfect image from any angle and level of detail. In response to this need, we have a team of specialists who glorify every detail, making the reality of digital imperceptible. This service is carried out with the purpose of exalting and promoting the products in an exuberant way. In conclusion, they are the key factor to make them more appealing to the consumer.

At Creative Group, we have a team of people specialized in the development of advertising renders. First we start with 3D modeling and then an expert in lighting and rendering generates different views with an excellent resolution. We work incredibly hard to make an impact on the consumer the moment they see a glorified product. Finally, an image is sought where the product stands out from the rest and can influence the purchase since it attracts more attention because it stands out from the rest.





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